IQW Academy

The IQW Academy is not currently taking new members.

So many of us in peri/menopause/midlife, despite our best efforts, can no longer tolerate drinking.

IQWA will show you how to end overthinking your drinking, stop & stay stopped so you never feel like you’re missing out or deprived.


Your happy hangover-free life is waiting!


IQW Academy is a 90 Day Program and includes:


    • 90-day course using the simple and powerful system to create the results you crave.
    • Regular livestreams from Sarah to motivate, inspire and create aligned action.
    • Special guests to share their ‘lives after wine’.
    • Supportive private forum/group.
    • Lifetime access to the group with the IQW course and bonus materials*.

The Simplicity Solution™:
1. RELEASE – the THINGS & THOUGHTS that are keeping you overthinking drinking
2. REINVENT – your identity as someone who now believes that ‘life after wine’ just keeps getting better
3. RECEIVE – everything that’s waiting for you once you overcome


*Everything in IQW Academy will be 100% confidential and your stories will never be shared without permission.
IQW Academy is a sacred safe place to explore your relationship with wine.


The full price of IQW Academy is $777UD, but you can join now for only $333 (+ VAT if applicable).
You can join today for just $77US & if you don’t love it within 21 days, you can leave and not pay any more.
Join now to enjoy the Launch Special discount.

IQW Academy is facilitated by Sarah Louise Leather ND
Certified Over-drinking Coach (LCS)
Trauma-Informed Coach
Mindset Mentor

What happens after 90 days?
You can stay as long as you’d like to. IQW Academy is here to stay. We ask that you engage as much as you can for the first 90 days and then you can dip in & out as you wish.

Is this right for me if I already have 90 days of not drinking under my belt?
Yes! Many of our members stopped drinking 6, 12 or 48 months ago but are taking their emotional and physical wellness to the next level with like-minded women.

I feel like I’m a lost cause, I’ve been on the stop/start cycle for years. Will this help?
You are exactly who Sarah created this beautiful program for as this was her journey. It just means you are normal. It takes most people many attempts to stop and stay stopped.

Sarah has been working with women for over 30 years in her clinics in Australia & Ireland. For the past 10 years, she has taken her practice globally and has helped thousands of women in peri/menopause & midlife to live much better lives.
She has appeared on national TV in Ireland several times and speaks about Simplicity & Menopause.
Sarah is a 2x TEDx speaker and an award-winning coach.
She’s a mother of 4 young adults and lives in West Cork with her husband of 33 years & breeding guide dog Indi.

*Lifetime access is the life of the program, which is a minimum of 90 days and for as long as it exists.


The IQW Academy is currently not taking new members at the moment.